O T T O  C O N N E R

A B O U T   T H E  W O R K



In terms of FORM, I gravitate to Painting as my primary means of expression. Within that discipline, I tend to favor working in a process of painting & collage. The use of water media (watercolor, acrylics, inks) offer quite a wide range of expressive possibilities. I generally work these media on watercolor paper which lends great texture, and is easy to cut up with scissors or an x-acto knife for collaging purposes. For a different outcome of expression, I use oil paints on panels and / or canvas.

The CONTENT of my work is engaged in an on going narrative; both prosaic and poetic. Oftentimes, the stories the paintings depict, are related to art and artists I am currently looking at, or studying. Sometimes the paintings are abstract poetic endeavors that attempt to express and or map my inner landscape of feelings.



Working with glass is working directly with light. The inherent qualities of the medium demand a very different
set of sensibilities from the work in painting. I have found working with glass to have greatly strengthened my
abilities of 'visualization' and to have resulted in a simplification in my overall choice of determining visual elements
in composing designs, both in the glasswork and the paintings. Almost from the beginning in the glass work, I chose to
work with geometric (mandala) forms / designs,so as to maximize the glass / light aspects, as opposed to having the
glass become a slave to the creation of a picture.